Designing multiple products for a fintech startup

Branding, UI/UX, print

Strenghthen brand, UI/UX

Qliro Financial Services. Qliro today offers payment solutions to some of the largest online retailers in the Nordics – among others CDON.COM, Gymgrossisten, Nelly, Lyko, Bangerhead, Hobbex, Lekmer and Tretti. Qliro offers financial services as a credit market company in accordance with the Swedish Banking and Financing Business Act

My mission was to design all their digital products Qliro Invoice, Qliro Loan, Qliro Business and design a homepage strenghen the Qliro brand.

As the only UI/UX designer during this period i had to roll up the sleeves and work hard as #€%. Working within a lean organisation we always did MVP iteration with a lot of prototyping, testing, interviews and livetests. At the end pixel-perfect design.

Qliro is now a company with over 200 employees and have a large design group with about 20 Productdesigners. Qliro is also a listed company. Hopefully my work in the beginning of the Qliro saga have helped them gain success with their products.