“People ignore design that ignores people.”

— Frank Chimero, Designer

Branding, Ui/UX

Sightline is a personal studio that in close collaboration with you as a customer, produces inspiring and tailored projects of the highest quality in 3D visualization and Virtual Reality (VR) for new production and urban planning.

Sightline needed help to improve the UI and UX for their online digital service where you can look at real estates in- and outside in 3D.

A small internal team prototyped and developed a vision of how the future of real estate vizualition online could work. Starting out with internal workshops and gathering all the available in-house data and knowledge. Then continuing with customer interviews and user testing. From this we have iterated a lot of ideas and developed a first prototype. After a few more tests i designed a pixel-perfect product with gamification.

The product is now live at companies who are using Sightline´s services.